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King Rat


I have family members of whom I am not too fond. I wonder sometimes how far I should go to indulge them. I find having dinner with them uninteresting. They want me to help them fix their computers. They want me to help them fix their kids. If you are organizing your kids social life at age 24, then you messed something up earlier in the process. You can't play catch-up parent this late and get me to help out in the socialization. I do not want to talk about tax law. I do not want to do their physical labor.

When did they do these things for me? It's not like I keep track of who owes who what time and labor, but family is not something that you do "part-time." If someone hasn't been a part of my life for 5 years, then there is not instant way to make them part of my life. Nor do I wish to instantly become part of someone else's life.

Is that too much drama for an entry? We'll see how I feel about this later.

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