King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Itimad-ul-Daulah, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

This is the tombfor Mirza Ghiyes Veg, was was the wazir for the Mughal emporor Jehangir. In the grand scheme of things not as important asany of the emperors' tombs. What is important though, is that this is the first Mughal tomb built from marble with that same design elements that later were used at the Taj Mahal. Such as the marble inlay work. Itimad sits across the river from downtown Agra.

There exists a bridge designed for autos somewhat north of Itimad. However, just 1 km south is a converted railroad bridge. After driving through Agra's alleys, the driver pulled onto this bridge. It was crowded with bicycles, auto-rickshaws, pedicabs, pedestrians. And shockingly, other cars. I couldnot see two cars fitting side by side, yet somehow he (and they) did it.

Another thing to note: one of the beggars at the gate of Itimad had scales all over his face and head. Beggars here have the truly horrific down pat. From polio victims walking on hands and knees to a blind man with no arms, and others with impossibly twisted limbs. I've never seen such things, even on television. Most beggars though are just extremely dirty little girls with ratty hair andmothers hovering nearby to put the extra arm on reluctant donors.


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