King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Dating ethics

So I have a crush on a girl. This is a common occurrence. I pretty much get a crush on every reasonably attractive girl I meet. At least for a little bit. I generally tend not to do anything about these crushes because I know that my perceptions are off during this phase. I will miss the "little" things (that aren't really that little) about a person in my haste to fall in love.

But with some women I pass through this phase and am still attracted. So I should do something about it right? Well, in my case I probably won't becausde I am also a chicken-shit. But that's not the point of this entry. In some cases, I will ask the woman out or make a pass of some kind.

So here's the situation. I have a crush on a couple of women currently. At least one of them has returned attention, although I have no idea if her intentions are as dishonorable as I hope. She could be just looking for a friend. On the other side of the prism, another girl has expressed interest in me. She has invited me back to her place a few times. I haven't taken her up on this though because I don't want to end up romantically linked before I am ready. I like her a lot, but I do not really have a crush on her. I would go out on a date or two with her at least. In fact, we've done a few things platonically.

So when do I have to pick? Do I have to pick? I am not one of those kind of people who can be in "poly" relationships. Cause even if we aren't an official item, once I've progressed to kissing a girl in anything more than a drunken or party-like atmosphere, I feel guilty if I am looking elsewhere. Like I should give this one a chance without interference. And I don't want to keep a girl around as a "backup plan" so to speak.

Anyway, not really sure where this is going. Just musing.


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