King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Pie Night XP

I hereby announce the long awaited return of Pie Night. January 2nd, to ring in the new year.

Rules are:

  • Come. Please reply here if you are coming, so I can get an approximate count. Want to make enough pie. Bring friends. Children okay, but bring them at your own risk. Ya never know when a conversation about who's screwing who will break out.
  • Bring pie if you want. No cake. Savory pies allowed (encouraged). Tarts allowed, as they are mini-pies. No cake. No donuts. Your dessert must have a crust and filling. For all the cake lovers out there, I do think cake is wonderful. But this is Pie Night™. Bring your cake to Cake Night.
  • Don't crowd the kitchen while I'm cooking.
  • Bring forks, beverages, ice cream, whipped cream, etc., if you want.

I think that's all the rules.

The particulars: It will be held January 2nd, starting officially at 4 p.m. and ending when all the pie is gone or the hostesses kick us all out. As my place is not big enough, the lovely Michelle and Tina (sorry boys, she's now engaged) have volunteered their house, located at 1043 S. Thistle Street, Seattle WA.

Why? Because pie is good.

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