King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

October Surprise

Sometimes I read international news and all it does is to remind me what a bunch of spoiled brats we are in the United States. Take the election for example. A hugely large percentage of people thought George Bush stole the 2000 election with the help of right-wing Republicans on the Supreme Court and in the Florida legislature. I don't want to debate that right now though; it's not the point. My question is, what did any of those people do about it? Precious little. Did they mount massive street protests? Nope. Did they march on Washington? Nope. Right, we have a country that is under the rule of law. We don't do things via the people-power type revolution. So how about building up a candidate to take advantage of the anger and winning the next election? Nope. Opponents spewed anti-Bush vitriol. But give money? Organize? Nope. Not really. Howard Dean's folks gave up meekly in the end.

In Ukraine, vote-rigging cause millions of people to take to the streets when the officially backed candidate was intalled by the electoral commission. They forced a re-vote.

Also, in Ukraine the voters and the west-leaning candidate suffered a real October surprise. None of our worries about catching bin Laden at the last minute. In Ukraine, someone poisoned the candidate with extremely high levels of dioxin.

Spoiled we are.


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