King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Central Cottage Industries Emporium and after

The guide took me to a rug store. This was not on the itinerary. This was, I believe, my first experience with what Lonely Planet calls the commission racket. The store, Cottage Industries Emporium, subjected me to a hard sell. Despite my protestations that a $600 rug (or even $300) was more than I was willing to spend, the guide kept trying to keep me there and constantly extolled the virtues of these rugs. After they finally gave up, she encouraged me to visit the shop downstairs, also filled with overpriced crap. I feel somewhat sorry for her. So much effort and still no sale.

Back at the hotel, the restaurant downstairs opens at 7:30 p.m. This is normal opening time for dinner in Delhi and north India. For the moment I am reading up and deciding what I want to see during my day at leisure on the 12th. So far, I am leaning toward Gandhi Darshan and the National Gandhi Museum, and possibly Gandhi Smriti (which is where he died). Also under consideration Sulabh Internation Museum of Toilets and the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum.

The general impressionthough is all the people. Every place looks like the park on 3rd near the King County Courthouse. People lined up everywhere.


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