King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Sea-Tac International Airport

My flight is delayed, and Asiana has not yet announced a new boarding time. However, a number of flight attendants have deboarded with beverages for all passengers who are waiting. I have not seen this sort of courtesy before. I suspecct this means that theflight will be substantially delayed.

On the positive side, I have de-stressed quite a bit. My handwriting is now readable, though I would be stretching the truth to ever call it neat.

An Indian gentleman and his wife sit next to me, and we've chatted a bit during the wait. He believes that I will enjoy India, except for the dirtiness. I am not to worried about that.

The flight attendants are all female. All appear quite thin as well. My experience is that Korean women are just as frequently stout as American women. I wonder if Korea allows Asiana to discriminate by gender & appearance?


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