King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Sea-Tac International Airport

Not an auspicious beginning to the trip, mostly because of my own restlessness. I am stressed. Afraid of things going wrong, I may have caused myself even worse problems. I took the #70 to downtown, disembarking at 5th and Virginia. I walked a block north to Sound Community Bank to get more cash. Only I had gone over my $500 limit today. The $200 I withdrew yesterday was credited today. I took an additional $200 out at Pete’s. The A.T.M. at Sound rejected my $200 withdrawal request. I thought it also ate my card. So I called 1st Tech from the Westin. They decided to block the card. After I walked out, I saw the card in my bag. So I hurriedly returned and called them back. The rep says she was able to cancel the block as it hadn’t gone through yet, but now I worry even more. Because I was sofreaked Ithought Ilostmycard to the machine, I may yet lose it. I have a back-up VISA, but I’d hate to depend on it the whole trip.

After the card debacle, I headed to RBC Dain Rauscher to cash my options check. As I entered the lobby, I realized I could smell the stress and fear on me. The check encashment went quickly and smoothly, but I decided I needed coffee. Down to Starbucks, then into the bus tunnel at University. I was lucky to have a #194 come about 5 minutes later. During the wait, I took my first Malarone® tablet. Gurmit tells me that the mosquitos are all dead this time of year, but I figure better safe than sorry.

The line at the Asiana check-in counter was lengthy, and I waited about 30 minutes to check in. I spotted numerous Indians, so I suspect this is a popular route. Obviously, many Koreans also waited, and I spotted a few who were headed to Viet Nam. The agent efficiently processed me, giving me two aisle seats (one on each leg).

Sea-Tac help a grand opening for a new tram while I waited for the old tram to the S terminal. Boring speach, what I heard of it. Now I sit at gate S15 writing to calm myself down. But my fingers hurt from gripping too tightly and I still clench my jaw. Nevertheless, I have relaxed somewhat.


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