King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

2004 Resolutions

  • Become very conversant in the positions of the candidates for President. All the major candidates for the Republicans and Democrats, as well as third party candidates who aren't on the lunatic fringe (e.g., Lyndon LaRouche) or doing it for a lark (e.g., Bob Ott's Let's Have a Pizza Jam party).

    Hmm, didn't do as well as I wanted on this.

  • Have lots of good sex this year. Preferably with a girlfriend. And preferably great sex.


  • Get in good enough shape to be able to dance for a half hour straight at the Mercury without break.


  • Read a book a week on average.

    Check. Surprisingly enough. Am at 50 books so far.

  • Keep my basket o' paper empty.


  • Get a 4 review score.

    Success. With a vengeance.

  • Take a fiction writing class, and start getting some of my ideas written down for the consumption of others.

    Thought about this one a lot. No action. Failure. Anyone know of a fiction writing class that starts in December?


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