King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

India Independence Day

55 years ago, India achieved independence from Britain. This is a fact that I probably would have overlooked had I not been manning the ACLU table at the India Day event put on by the India Association of Western Washington. I know next to nothing about India. More than your average American to be sure, but still very little. The table was next to a guy who wrote a novel called "India Treasures." I bought his book last year at Bookfest. He thought I would be extremely knowledgeable about India given that I bought his book and volunteered for an India event. Mistaken, sadly. However, my interest is somewhat piqued. I just have to find time to learn about it among all the other things I want to learn about.

I did pick up a subscription to a weekly English newspaper about India though. If I could just stay away from the crack bored and surfing, I could probably make a dent in my list of reading materials.


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