King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


I wait for the 554 at Second and University. Yesterday sat down with my bag o' McDonald's crap. Drunk gentleman sits on bench next to me. I eat my McDonald's. Unfortunately, no new game pieces for Monopoly® game. I pull my book out. I read around 10 pages. Then I heard water splashing and think it's odd. I look up and over. Drunk fucker has pulled his wang on and is pissing all over the sidewalk from a fallen backward sitting position!

What the fuck??!

Stuff like that happens to Deirdre and Erin! I have the Don't fuck with me mojo. It's never failed me before.

I'm losing my mojo.

Erin says she'll make up a pin so I can join theclub with her and Deirdre.


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