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King Rat

I piss on Fox

My votes

  • Initiative to the People 872 — Top 2 Primary
    • Yes
    • No
  • Initiative to the People 884 — 1% Sales Tax for Education
    • Yes
    • No
  • Initiative to the People 892 — Electronic Scratch Tickets
    • Yes
    • No
  • Referendum Measure 55 — Charter Schools
    • Yes
    • No
  • Initiative to the Legislature 297 — Radioactive Waste Cleanup
    • Yes
    • No
  • King County Charter Amendments 1A & 1B — Reducing King County Council from 13 to 9 Members
    1. Should either charter amendment be adopted?
      • Yes
      • No
    2. Regardless of whether you voted yes or no, if one of these amendments is adopted, which one should it be?
      • Charter Amendment No 1A
      • Charter Amendment No 1B
  • King County Advisory Measure 1 — Locally Funded Transportation Plan
    • Yes
    • No
  • King County Advisory Measure 2 — Tax Source to Support Locally Funded Transportation Plan
    • general sales tax
    • excise tax on the value of motor vehicles
    • flat tax on motor vehicles
    • increase in local gas tax
    • tax on total annual vehicle miles traveled
  • President/Vice President of the United States
    • John F. Kerry / John Edwards
    • George W. Bush / Dick Cheney
    • Michael Badnarik / Richard V. Campagna
    • John Parker / Teresa Gutierrez
    • David Cobb / Patricia LaMarche
    • James Harris / Margaret Trow
    • Michael Anthony Peroutka / Chuck Baldwin
    • Bill Van Auken / Jim Lawrence
    • Ralph Nader / Peter Miguel Camejo
  • United States Senator
    • Patty Murray
    • George R. Nethercutt, Jr.
    • J. Mills
    • Mark B. Wilson
  • Congressional District No 7
    • Jim McDermott
    • Carol Cassady
  • Governor
    • Christine Gregoire
    • Dino Rossi
    • Ruth Bennett
  • Lieutenant Governor
    • Brad Owen
    • Jim Wiest
    • Jocelyn A. Langlois
    • Bern Haggerty
  • Secretary of State
    • Laura Ruderman
    • Sam Reed
    • Jacqueline Passey
  • State Treasurer
    • Mike Murphy
    • Oscar Lewis
    • John Sample
  • State Auditor
    • Brian Sonntag
    • Will Baker
    • Jason G. Bush
  • Attorney General
    • Deborah Senn
    • Rob McKenna
    • J. Bradley Gibson
    • Paul Richmond
  • Commissioner of Public Lands
    • Mike Cooper
    • Doug Sutherland
    • Steve Layman
  • Superintendant of Public Instruction
    • Teresa (Terry) Bergeson
    • Judith Billings
  • Insurance Commissioner
    • Mike Kreidler
    • John Adams
    • Stephen D. Steele
  • Legislative District 43 Representative Position 1
    • Ed Murray
    • Zac Green
  • Legislative District 43 Representative Position 2
    • Frank Chopp
    • Mark Griswold
  • Initiative 83 — Monorail Recall
    • Yes
    • No

I decided not to vote for Ralph Nader, though I prefer his policies more than anyone else. However, his campaign used fraudulent means to gain the ballot (ultimately unsuccessful) in one state. I expect my candidates to run legal campaigns.

I didn't vote in any of the judicial elections. Not enough time to go research their records.

I no-voted for Jim McDermott. The man is a nobody. He has a safe democratic district, but has he spearheaded any progressive issues? No. All he gets publicity for is stunts.

I also no-voted on the King County advisory measures. Take a poll, county council. Do your jobs and legislate. I dislike governments that fail to act without referring everything of importance back to the voters. We elected you as our representatives.


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