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King Rat


Stuck in Sacramento last night, my co-worker and I decided to go to The Punchline. A comedy club located on the upper level of a strip mall. The only thing to note really is that the headliner told a few jokes. I think I might have seen him on TV somewhere doing the same jokes, because I remember hearing almost exactly the same lines. I don't recall when, where or who though. Anyway, the noteworthy part of this set of jokes went something like this:

I got harassed by airport security. blah blah blah. I'm irish. Why hassle an irishman? Last time I checked, most of these terrorists came from the middle east. While I'm getting anally explored, Achmed is bouncing into the plane with a bomb. I don't call it racial profiling. I call it "good police work."

It wasn't funny. And I was offended. No matter how funny his jokes were after that, I couldn't find them humorous. Ruined my night.

Yeah, I may be a bit uptight and PC on that one, but for some reason it feels personal to me.


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