King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Work update

So after 3.5 hours here (minus meetings & other stuff), I have gotten the one thing done that i thought would be really difficult. This leaves four tasks before my next milestone:

  • Must figure out why "Save values and move to next month" followed by "Save values and move to previous month" seems to overwrite data. Shouldn't be too difficult once I break into the debugger and see what I screwed up.
  • Must complete/unit test the "Commit these changes to the database" functionality
  • Must fix the layout
  • Must do final walk-through of entire feature as user will

4:33 pm - Figured out that the middle tier is not recording one of the first pieces of information I send it regarding this new feature. So items in red can't be completed until the guy doing the middle tier figures out why.

6:26 pm - Got layout pretty much done. Could be better, but it's an internal tool. Our employees will just have to deal with things not being exactly pixel correct


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