King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Six monthiversary

Six months together with Deb. I'll celebrate by telling you all about something that happened while we were waiting to get to our seats for Hairspray at the 5th Avenue Theatre last night.

I told her about my day (anxiety ridden) and she told me about hers. She spent it reading 7 (?) papers on lava pillars on the ocean floor. These are formed when a lava bed covers a portion of the ocean floor, but water trapped under the lava forces its way through (for some as yet unknown reason). The lava cools against what is essentially an upwardly moving column of water. Later, the lava flow collapses and flows away, leaving bits and pieces of new created rock, and hollow tubes where the lava cooled against the water.

Deb got really excited and passionate while talking about this. It's not well studied, and the features are common in her chosen field area (the Endeavor ridge off the coast of Washington/Vancouver Island). It's possible she could really add to the body of knowledge on these pillars. She has some theories and some things she wants to explore with them. She geeked out on me. And I was smitten.

She asked, You think I'm cool don't you?

Yup, babe, I most certainly do.


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