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Best Detective Stories of the Year 1974, ed. Allen J. Hubin (more reading, whee!)

Just finished Best Detective Stories of the Year 1974. Picked this gem up for $1 at the Friends of the Seattle Public Library sale this spring. Excellent steal. There wasn't one story in this anthology that I didn't like. There was a little theme of wait for the last couple paragraphs to see how someone gets screwed going on, but other than that it was highly original. None of the stories dragged.

  • The Ghosts at Iron River Start Page: 11
  • Beyond the Last House Start Page: 39
  • Neighbors Start Page: 43
  • The Magnum Start Page: 57
  • Loaded Quest Start Page: 65
  • Homage to John Keats Start Page: 70
  • Sadie When She Died Start Page: 79
  • The Last Contract Start Page: 117
  • The Good Lord Will Provide Start Page: 130
  • The O'Bannon Blarney File Start Page: 137
  • Late, Late Call Start Page: 153
  • No Comebacks Start Page: 161
  • Woman Trouble Start Page: 175
  • The Whimper of Whipped Dogs Start Page: 193
  • A Murder Coming Start Page: 214
  • Morning Watch Start Page: 223
  • Over the Borderline Start Page: 234

Sorry, no author list to paste here. My catalog program doesn't show the authors in a collection except in a spot I can't cut and paste. I should make a to-do item to fix that.

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