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Stranger Things Happen, Kelly Link

Stranger Things Happen
Kelly Link
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Just finished a collection of short stories by Kelly Link. Stranger Things Happen is fantasy. Better than Tolkien fantasy, but then, I don't really like Tolkien.

  1. Carnation, Lily, Lily Rose
  2. Water Off a Black Dog's Back
  3. The Specialist's Hat
  4. Flying Lessons
  5. Travels with the Snow Queen
  6. Vanishing Act
  7. Survivor's Ball, or, The Donner Party
  8. Shoe and Marriage
  9. Most of My Friends Are Two-Thirds Water
  10. Louise's Ghost
  11. The Girl Detective

I liked stories 2, 3, 6, 9, and 10. Survivor's Ball was also interesting, but in the end I didn't really like it. Link's stories tend to be really choppy. As in really hard to follow. The more extreme this gets, the more I didn't like the story. Sometimes writers get the idea, that jumbling a story around so that it doesn't make sense is art. Kind of like Memento. That was a fun movie, but I wasn't really impressed with the idea of telling the story backward. It didn't make the movie great. It made for a fun movie. I get the same sort of feeling reading Kelly Link. The idea that if the reader is confused it makes the story clever and it literary. But maybe it's just me. Overall, I wouldn't read her again, even though I liked half the stories. Just too much trouble.

Link, Kelly.
Stranger things happen / Kelly Link.
266 p. ; 22 cm.
ISBN 1-931520-00-3
1. Fantasy fiction, American. I. Title.
PS3612.I553 S77 2001
813'.6 222001-087879
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