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King Rat

Asking for help

I'm a development manager. One of my main tasks is to manage the schedule for my development team. About 6 months ago I finally got fed up with our current scheduling tools. Some groups here use Excel. A couple of groups use a hacked project template that doesn't have any history. I decided to start over using MS Project. I've learned a ton. I'm now adding some macros to automate a bunch of the tasks that I want to do, but don't because they are too time consuming.

One of these is entering timesheet data. We don't have actual timesheets, but I do make my guys tell me how much time they are spending on projects. Entering actuals is a pain in the ass in Project. Mostly because finding the right series of spots for each task is difficult. There's no quick way to tell Project, I have the totals worked last week for task X. Instead you have to scroll through a list of tasks to find the right one, then scroll the X direction to find the right time period. Then you can enter these in. But the folks entering the data often put data under the wrong task and even more often under the wrong week.

So I'm building a form that lets this be entered. I need help with it, mostly in sizing some of the controls. Which isn't related to the problem I described above, other than entering the data in 2 pixel wide columns is a pain in the ass. So I send a request to development team asking if anyone has code to do this sizing correctly. I got back 2 replies. Both were people who had done Google and MSDN searches and then sent me the most promising result.

Here's the problem… I'm fully capable of performing an MSDN and/or Google search. However, in their zeal to be right and helpful, they are sending along links to items I've already tried. After I explicitly asked if anyone knew how to do it. They did not. They knew where they would look, but didn't know how to do it. Cause I had already tried the methods in their links, and it's off.

Just a little irritated now. Give intelligent people a little credit…


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