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Skinny Dip, Carl Hiaasen

Skinny Dip
Carl Hiaasen
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Finished this a while ago. I've always loved Carl Hiaasen's style of writing. The basic method is to take a somewhat weird scheme to make money, have something go wrong, and then continue to have the characters escalate situations until the entirety of the story is ludicrous. It helps that Hiaasen always includes a few characters that have major idiosyncrasies. In Skinny Dip, for example, one of the bad guys has been shot in the ass previously, and continues to carry a painful bullet in his butt crack. Hence, he steals Fentanyl pain patches from nursing homes. The plot in Skinny Dip begins with Chaz Perrone throwing his wife Joey Perrone off the edge of a cruise ship on their wedding anniversary. He believes (incorrectly) that she discovered his scheme to fake water treatment readings in the Everglades cleanup onbehalf of a major farming polluter. But she doesn't drown. Mick Stranahan (who has appeared in other Hiaasen novels) discovers her clinging to a floating bale of marijuana. Rather than go to the police, Joey instead schemes to blackmail her husband (who believes he did kill her) with Stranahan's help. Chaz Perrone's frantic attempts to get away with his crimes spiral ever more out of control and provide much humor for the book.

Hiaasen, Carl.
Skinny dip: [a novel] / Carl Hiaasen.
355 p. ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-375-41108-9
1. Agricultural industries--Fiction. 2. Attempted murder--Fiction. 3. Everglades (Fla.)--Fiction. 4. Ex-police officers--Fiction. 5. Hazardous wastes--Fiction. 6. Marine scientists--Fiction. 7. Married people--Fiction I. Title.
PS3558.I217 S575 2004
813'.54 22 2004-044106
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