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Did I mention that this is the first time I have ever taken a narcotic? I don't believe Vicodin/hydrocodone is one of the stronger ones out there, especially at the low dose I'm prescribed. Nearly 14 years ago I quit drinking. I'd never taken drugs before that. Since then, I haven't touched anything mind-altering for recreational purposes, and I've never had the need for a prescription.

Last night I was already tired so the Vicodin more or less just knocked me out. Today though, is a another story. Making me lose my sense of equilibrium. Not in a horrible way, but maintaining focus isn't quite as easy.

This is boring to those who are hypochondriacs and/or recreational drug users. I just will have very few chances to see what the hullaballoo on the mind-altering thing is all about, so I gotta write about it.


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