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The good news is I have narcotics and don't have to work for three days. The bad news is I am mostly house-bound and I missed the game this evening.

I got to Safeco early. Bought myself a dog and Dr. Pepper®. Squirted the ketchup on the dog, then turned for the sweet relish and went down for the count. An excruciating painshot through my knee. I fell over. Paramedics helped me. After a few minutes, the pain subsided and I could put weight on the knee and felt no pain. So I declined further medical assistance, picked up replacement food (as someone walked off with mine while I was on the ground), and headed to my seat. Everything seemed fine, though I took it slow and avoided putting my full weight on my right leg.

Then I sat down. Pain shot through my knee again. I tried to get the attention of one of the ushers. Took a bit,but I finally did. She retrieved another set of paramedics. They assisted me up the stairsto a wheelchair. Felt mostly okay again, until I tried to put my right foot in the stirrup. Pain. So I rested it on the edge of the stirrup as the wheeled me to the paramedic station. There trained medical professionals iced it up, took my blood pressure, and called A.M.R.

A.M.R. took my blood pressure twice more en route to the hospital. Originally, we were headed to Swedish, but they were busy and diverting patients to other hospitals. So I was taken to Providence instead (also owned by Swedish). Nice that we have about 5 E.R.s within a mile of each other. They kept asking me which I preferred. Like I make a habit of going to the E.R.

Anyway, the doctor at Providence figures I damaged the cartilage under the patella. I now have crutches, a knee immobilizer, Vicodin®, an ice-pack, and instructions to avoid work for 3 days. If it isn't feeling decent enough to walk on then, go see my regular doctor.

More on my plans for the next few days in a later entry. I have a plan.

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