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King Rat


I got my car running today. Before Deb left for her last cruise, she and I were invited to Junegiving over at Lee's. I made a pie and was going to meet her there. Only when I went out to take off I found out I left my lights on and the battery was dead. So Deb picked me up instead. I left the car where it was. She kindly left her car with me while she was gone. About twice a week I'd use it to drive to work, so it would get the proper amount of driving in. She hates to leave it set for too long.

Jason came over today and we jump started it. Everything was fine until it started overheating while I was recharging the battery. It's a beater. It really needs to be moving when it gets this hot outside, otherwise it can't shed the head fast enough. Luckily, I was able to run up and get Deb's car again so I could get her from the airport.

We've decided against Hawaii for August. Too hot. We're back to a plan I originally had of going to Vancouver Island. Relax and read for a few days.

Speaking of reading, I haven't noted any books here for a while. That's because I am still slowly reading through India: A History. I'm not spending as much time reading. And it's not a quick read.


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