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  • Spider-Man 2 — Liked it better than the first. Didn't like the scenes of Doc Ock talking to himself. Nor the scene where Octavius andhis wifegive Peter Parker relationship advice. But the fight scenes were cool. And they did a pretty good job of getting the Peter Parker character right.
  • Fahrenheit 9/11 — Michael Moore insinuates a lot of sinister things in the movie. When faced with a choice between conspiracy and incompetence, your best bet is incompetence. Moore pushes conspiracy. Nevertheless, he aims squarely at Bush and hits a bulls-eye nearly every time. A lot of it is cheap political theater, but it's done well and effectively. One scene has Michael Moore attempting to get Congressmen to sign up their kids for the armed forces and sent to Iraq. Cheap, yet effective. Everyone should see this film before the election.
  • Bangkok Dangerous — a thriller set in Bangkok. Follows a deaf-mute assassin. Nice premise and some parts were interesting. But ultimately itwas too choppy for me and I popped the DVD out before the movie ended.
  • Rabbit Proof Fence — bored me. Just didn't think there was enough character development. Nor was there anything really on how incredibly hard a 1200 mile walk would be. Sure it covers a episode in history that is little known, but lots of travesties have occurred over the years. The film sought to make me care about this particular one, and failed. It was just a big slow-mo chase scene, without any real tension.

  • Last post

    I don't plan to delete my LJ (I paid for permanent status, dammit), but this will be the last post. I don't plan to read it anymore, either…

  • Unemployed

    Turns out my insurance is cut off at midnight tonight, not the end of the month. In a way, that's a good thing. Now I'll move my appointment…

  • Home from the cruise, off to Sunnyvale

    A week off, but tomorrow I head to the home office for a week there.

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