King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

4th of July party

My place. Fireworks start after sundown. I'll have food and alcohol starting around 6 or 7. Feel free to show up before then. All are welcome, except I discourage kids. Bring em if you want, but there'll be jackassery and what not. Your kid ain't cut out for that, don't bring him/her. Otherwise, it's all good.

Place: 2301 Fairview Ave E #107 (ring weiss on the call board). Parking is limited, and you may not even get in to the neighborhood if you come late. The police block off the streets in the late afternoon I think. My building hires a security guard to shoo away mooching parkers. Bus service here is excellent.

I'm going to see about grilling out front on the parking lot, but I may not be able to swing it. The building has some restrictive insurance.

That's all the bad parts. The good parts. Jackassery. Food. Alcohol. Best damn seat in the city for the fireworks. Better than gasworks. Better than the boats. The fireworks barge is a couple hundred yards directly off the end of my pier. Feel the concussion. See the pretty lights. Listen to all my rich neighbors car alarms go off.

Bring food & beverage if you want. Or don't. I will be making a costco run for this event.

Post a note here if you plan to come but didn't already let me know.


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