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Jew Jew Jew

Where'd all the Seattle Jews come from? I grew up here not knowing any Jews whatsoever. Run into them occasionally. Now they are everywhere. Douglas, Ivy, Poul, Matt, Tamara at work, Tracy my ticket source, Evan, and others. I'm dating a Jew. Bout the only thing I can think of is that going to private Christian schools isn't conducive to meeting and knowing Jews. But you'd think I'd have met a few during college or in the first years of my career. And I'm sure I did, not that they told me or I knew though.

The other odd thing I've noticed is that Jewish women, upon finding out that I'm dating a Jewish girl, want to know the details. Not on how we met. How it's going. They want updates. Usually phrased How's that Jewish girl you're seeing? Their eyes light up. It's as if the success of our relationship is of consequence to the Jewish nation.

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