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The Royal Palaces of India, George Michell and Antonio Martinelli

Finished reading The Royal Palaces of India last night. It's a glorified coffee table book on the subject. Though better. A lot of history and anthropology of Indian culture is included, though mostly about the various rulers of India since 1300. And of course, they only cover things connected to the palaces, not other history or culture. Still, learning the layout and influences was cool. And the pictures are gorgeous. A number of the ones featured are on my itinerary to India in November. Unfortunately, I don't get to keep the book; it was on loan from a co-worker. Otherwise I could probably go back to it again and again until my trip.

Michell, George.
The royal palaces of India / George Michell ; photographs by Antonio Martinelli.
232 p. : ill. (chiefly col.), maps, plans ; 29 cm.
ISBN 0-500-274964-0
1. Palaces—India. 2. Architecture—India. 3. Historic buildings—India. 4. India—Kings and rulers—Homes and haunts. I. Title. II. Martinelli, Antonio.
NA1501 .M54 1994
725'.17'0954 2093-060425
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