King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

I just read this book my sister lent me.

Duncan, Lois. I Know What You Did Last Summer. pub. Little, Brown and Company. 2nd printing 199 pgs. copyright 1974. ISBN: 0-316-19546-4. LC 73-08829

It's an OK book. Not extremely good, but OK. It is very predictable. The mystery guy out to kill them turns out to be none other than the only other major character in the book. He also turns out to be the guy the main character is dating under a different name. L. Duncan has the style but not the plot devices down. For it to be a good mystery there has to be some suspense about who the stalker is. In the book there are two othermain characters other than the 4 main ones Collingsworth and Bud. That doesn't leave much room for suspense. They almost have to be one and the same. I guessed it very early. It doesn't take much.

I've decided to write a book. Well actually, I decided a while ago, but I'm gonna start pretty quick.</p.

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