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American Dynasty, Kevin Phillips

[American Dynasty cover]Been quiet for a bit here. Mostly been reading and spending time with Deb. No voyeuristic notes about Deb today. So I'll talk about my latest book, Kevin Phillips book, American Dynasty. It's an examination of the history of the Bush and Walker families and how their involvement in finance, oil, and intelligence has produced our current war in Iraq. Those of you given over to conspiracy theories (ahem, djxavier13) should read this. This book actually lays out quite a bit of evidence for an ugly underside of the Bush family. But in a lot of respects it fails. Much of Phillips' method involve flinging as much mud as possible and seeing what sticks. Quite a bit does, but a significant portion is based on innuendo and guilt by association. Phillips has meticulously footnoted the book, but much of the footnotes do not refer to any smoking gun. Rather they refer to press reports of people who originally made allegations.

Still, it's a good book for a few reasons. First, this the the first examination of the Bush family as a whole. Second, Phillips details a lot of documented chicanery on the part of the Bush family. For instance, the scion of the Bush family Samuel Bush sat on the War Industries Board during W.W.I. at the same time that he headed an Ohio company that produced munitions for the government. It also shows just how much of a failure at business George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush really were. They only made money when others trying to curry favor with the family bailed out their businesses. Third, the book lays out a lot of themes to look for from the Bush family (including possibly Jeb Bush) from a focus on secrecy to a pre-occupation with the Middle East in foreign policy because of the oil business connections.

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