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Low blood sugar induced migraine hit me about 4:30 this afternoon. I left work quickly and got some food and took Exedrin. Normally, this will nip it in the bud and I will start to recover in a couple of hours. Not so today. After eating I felt extremely nauseous. Got home around 5:30 and laid down for a couple of hours. Still couldn't focus my brain or eyesight at 6:45, but I agreed to pick up some food and Deb and hang out with her tonight. So I did. But mostly I laid on her couch looking and feeling sickly while she cooked, showered, ate, and prepared a talk she has to give. At times I was entertaining, and I even managed to hold an intelligent conversation with her and her roommate. Sadly I couldn't stay late though as it was just better to come home and lay down in the dark and ride this out. Of course, I have to tell all you folks about my misery first. But I will go away in a moment.

Oh, and since people are still asking and haven't connected the dots. Yes, my girlfriend is Deb. She's smart and good looking and fun.


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