King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Free stuff on my block

I strolled around the corner from Fairview onto Lynn street, approaching my apartment building, and spied a pile of items next to the entrance of our parking lot. This is a place where people frequently leave items free for the taking to anyone willing to cart them off. Sure enough, there were free items in this pule. There was a stack of 4 snow tires in yellow Les Schwab plastic, including rims. A nice computer printed sign hung above the tires, attached to a "for sale" sign that has long been stuck there advertising that one of the condos in my building is for sale at an absurdly humongous price. The laser printed sign stated "Tires and rims, free!" I peered into the plastic wrap, and noticed the tell-tale cross-cut of siped snow tires, and an Acura hubcap.

Of course, I drive an Acura and these were my freaking snow tires!!

Two weekends ago, I and several friends went to my grandparents' cabin near Plain. In order to get the food, beverages, and other belongings into the car, I took my snow tires out of my trunk and stacked them neatly at the rear of my parking space in the gated parking lot of my building. In order to get in, you must have either a remote gate device, a key, or climb a 9 foot fence.

Apparently someone, most likely the building manager, took a dislike to my having placed my tires there. I'm sure there is a condo association rule against doing so. However, it is still conversion to place my tires on the street. The legal thing to do would be to notify me that the tires were stored in a manner that was not in accordance with association rules.

I have half a mind to stack the tires in front of the manager's door. However, that would be just as passive aggressive as her crap. In addition, I don't know for certain that she was the person responsible. I shall be having a talk with her tomorrow.


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