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Performance Review

I just got out of my 6 month performance review. This was the first review I had with my new manager. My last manager was horrible as far as doing reviews. He was a great mentor. He was great as far as setting priorities. But he liked setting fuzzy goals, and that made it a crap-shoot as far as what would happen in the review. I knew how my rating would go, but I didn't really know how what specific criticisms he would have of my performance and what I needed to improve until I got to the review.

My new manager believes strongly in what he calls TRAMPS: goals that are Time-bound, Relevant, Achievable, Measurable, Prioritized and Specific. This should make things much easier. We had some basic goals like that for the last couple of months, so I knew what he would be saying for those areas already.

For the last month or so I have had to take on TravelShops work, when I originally planned on working on Cruise design and delegating the Travelshops work. But since we couldn't get staffed up quickly enough, I had to take on the work I had planned on delegating. What I've found is that I am re-energized with this work. I think I would rather work on Cruises, but that portion isn't in quite as ready of shape for my contribution yet. So I kind of had to sit around some. And other teams weren't staffed up yet as well, so I couldn't just do some work and plug it in against theirs. Travelshops is an existing product we have that got moved into my group. Much easier to get a grasp on it. My goals are much more defined, and I can sink my teeth into the product because we have a better idea of what we want. I knew that focus showed through, and that was the one thing my manager actually commented on to me.

Oh, and the money. 3.5 rating for those familiar with the MS ratings. Slightly larger than average raise. Strong bonus, again slightly larger than average. Decent stock option grant. I legally can talk about the numbers given to me, as this issue has gone to court a number of times and courts have affirmed the right of employees to talk about their own compensation. But Expedia still regards it as confidential, and I don't want to fight that battle. So I am not gonna say how much it is in raw numbers. But it's nice enough.

Might have to do something for some folks . . . Or maybe now is the time to dump my car and get something snazzy? What should I do with this bonus?


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