King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Janet Evanovich, High Five

Cheesy detective novel time! High Five by Janet Evanovich is this week's entry. Not too much to say about it. I enjoy all the wacky characters in her novels. Two things I don't enjoy though. First, her main character, Stephanie Plum, always always always chooses the wrong thing when given a choice. Second, Evanovich has a love affair with the "bad guy reveals all to the hero cause he's going to kill the hero so he might as well tell the hero everything" plot device. Of course, the hero survives and now we know everything that happened. It just makes for a lame ending. Can't ask for too much from a mystery novel written by a former romance novel author though. She does get the fun characters. She is also a master of breaking apart her mystery plots into disparate enough pieces that when reading the first few chapters, there seems to be no connection between the fragments. However, by the time it's done, they are tied together. And not in a completely hokey way either. You know it's gonna happen in her books, so you spend time thinking about it. "How in the hell is she gonna connect them this time? It's not possible!" Then she does.

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