King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Tin Cup Joe Falls

Well, it turned otu to be just Erin and me going out there after all. Our destination was Tin Cup Joe Falls near North Bend. On the drive out there, I missed the exit from the express lanes onto the regular I-90 lanes. That meant I had to get on 405 south get off at coal creek, turn around and get back on, then merge back onto I-90 east. Should have known. Then, we were looking for Edgewick Road from I-90. I know which exit is Edgewick Road. Unfortunately, the state has seen fit to relabel the exit with 468th Ave SE removing the Edgewick Road moniker. So we drove past and had to turn around at the next exit.

So the directions from the web site (see link above) said basically this. a bit on Edgewick Road, then 12 miles on Middle Fork Road, then 5 miles on an unnamed forest road. Then some hiking. First of all Middle Fork Road doesn't go that far. We assumed that when it ended we should take Dorothy Lake Road as that was the only option after a couple of miles. Some huge potholes in the dirt & gravel road part of Dorothy Lake Road. I did a decent job weaving around them but nailed a couple of them pretty good.

The 5 miles of unnamed forest road came right after we crossed the river on the Taylor river bridge, which really excited Erin. Then up the road. Looked rockier than the rpevious gravel road but not horrible. The road had lots of washouts though. Erin started getting antsy, cause occasionally something would scrape on the bottom of the car. I tried to tell her that I only spent $800 on the car, so if it died out there, I wouldn't mind. Speaking of which, we saw two dead vehicles out there in some interesting parking jobs. We drove past an unofficial shooting range where some young teen boys were practicing. Right around the corner from that was a rather large washout. I barrelled through. No road for 200 feet. Just rocks, but there were kind of packed down from previous drivers in one direction so I followed that, tilting the car at a nice 20 degree angle to get by. That's when Erin really started freaking out though. A few more washouts and big muddy spots a bit later and I decided to turn the car around. I still think I could have gotten that through, but there was a non-trivial chance that we'd be walking home and Erin was screaming to turn the car around so I did.

The shooting range boys were driving further up as we were going down. They hestitated longer at the washout than I did. And gave me a look like WTF? as I passed them going down. Not sure if they thought i was crazy for attempting it in a Corolla or a wimp for turning around. Or just wanting to know if the road was washed out worse further up. I didn't stop and they didn't roll down the window so I'll never know.

Dcided to go to Twin Falls on the other side of I-90, but I couldn't find it. I think some construction near there had taken down some signs. Turned around to head home. I was kind of sad to be giving up. But then, redemption on I-90!. Snoqualmie Falls. Dammit, we were gonna see a waterfall out there today and we did. Besides, Erin had to pee. Not that she had told me, but she sure looked mean at me when we got there and headed to the bathrooms.

So yeah, Snoqualmie Falls is pretty.

And the dude running that web site needs to note in his directions which roads are not suitable for regular old vehicles. Or I need to stick to waterfalls in the book I have A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest because that does indicate the roads. Only it's 5 years old…


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