King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Pie vs. Pie Night™

Yes, the rumors are true. I shall be holding another Pie Night™. I know most of you are thinking will he ever stop trying to get me to eat more of that damn pie??! Sadly and unfortunately, the answer is NO!

This time it shall be held Sunday afternoon March 28th. Come by, relax, and eat a piece or three of pie. Standard rules: bring pie if you want. no cake. please R.S.V.P. so I can decide how many pies to make. beverages appreciated. you don't have to know me or like me to eat my pie.

Address, as it almost always is, is 2301 Fairview Ave E #107. Ring WEISS on the call board.

Special offer for this Pie Night™ only: show your ticket stub from liberpolly's Red Stripe Art Walk Thursday April 1st and get an extra piece of pie!

Cause Poul likes the visitors to his Art Walk.


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