King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

The Crystal City, by Orson Card

Will someone please beat me about the head? I contnue to purchase and read Orson Card's books, despite the fact his quality has seen a steady downward trend since the late 80s. Occasionally he writes something I find interesting, but more often than not I am exceedingly bored and I end up reading just because of loyalty. Such was the case with The Crystal City the next and it appears nearly the last book in the Tales of Alvin Maker series. The first three were good. The last three I've found tedious. I tell myself I read them only because I want to find out what happens to my characters. I'm finding the characters not believable, and the plots seems ever more like a thinly veiled allegory on Mormon myth.

Anyway, don't bother reading.

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