King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Outta town

About to head out the door. I stayed out too late last night and up too late afterward chatting with various people when I should have been sleeping. I decided last night to skip my half day of work because of that, but upon waking I realized I need to go in at least briefly. So I am off to work. Then shortly afterward I will turn around and head to the airport. I'm heading to Boise to visit Janet (and perhaps a few others I knew from my time there). I'll be back early Sunday morning.

Which brings up another topic. Loser's Lunch. I'm making an executive decision about Loser's Lunch this Sunday. It will be at 12:30 at Mae's Café on Phinney. It's the guys only Sunday brunch where we discuss stuff guys discuss. When we are tired and some of us are hung over. This time though (and one time only) female friends can come too. I haven't told Jason this yet. Executive decision then bail out of town so he can't change it. One time only though, as the rest of the year it's gonna be back to guys only.

Ta-ta for now.

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