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Rules of engagement part III (or, the Care and Feeding of Your Relationship With Phil)

This meme is going around again. It's actually quite useful for me to periodically look at and revise what it takes to date me. Last time I visited these was over a year ago, and a long relationship in between is cause for me to update. Plus, I want to be one of the cool kids with the cool memes.

Most of these are rules for my friendships. Also, just because you follow the rules means doesn't mean I will date you or be your friend. These are just the rules of engagement. There are lots of qualities and combinations of qualities about a person that are important to me. Passion. Smarts. Pleasantness. Looks. None of those are covered below. The ones below are the basics for the things you can do that I look for. Just the basics.

  1. I desire to have my grandparents' life. I want to be 70+ and together for many years, with commitment and family. I am open to other kinds of relationships. But they are not my ideal and I may quit because of this goal. This isn't a rule so much as a declaratory statement.
  2. I'm somewhat self-conscious and shy. While that is changing, it means you will probably have to take some initiative yourself. I will not be totally passive, but I am not the most aggressive pursuer you have met.
  3. Return my phone calls. I prefer a no to a blow-off.
  4. Treat me, my cat (Guinevere), my friends, and my belongings with respect. You don't have to like them (except you should probably like me), but understand that I do and that is not going to change.
  5. I have a life apart from you. You should have a life away from me. But I do not like parts hidden from me. I have a small jealous streak that comes into play sometimes. It's not large, but it's there.
  6. Read. And be prepared to discuss. Also, interrupt me when I am reading only if the reason is important, or the interruptions are infrequent. The fewer the better. Interrupting me while I'm watching television or playing on the computer is encouraged. I need to get off my ass more.
  7. Tell me what's on your mind. It's pretty unlikely I'll be offended, and I am a pretty understanding person. Even if what's on your mind is that you broke one of the rules. I'll do the same. Be patient with me and be willing to talk things though.

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