King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Vice President

While having a conversation about a week ago with a couple of folks about the multitude of vice presidents in some industries, I commented that my employer has been pretty lean on the V.P. front. No more, though we still aren't to the same level that banks are (where everyone above the level of janitor is a V.P.). Something like 8 people were promoted to vice president today. Not sure what the total is, but my guess is V.P.s number between 20 and 30 now. Not too horrible for a company with about 3000 employees. But still.

Oh yeah, and my boss was one of the people promoted. He's now Vice President Packages and Cruise Product Development. I only report to him until March 1st. After that they will fill a group manager position, squeezing someone else in between the V.P. and myself.

With the newest batch of promotions, at least five V.P.s are familiar with me and my work. Yep, I play politics. I'm all about getting my accomplishments in front of the right people.


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