King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


I think I know what is irksome about my schedule. I think I'm programmed for a longer day than we have. I'm not tired at day 1. Day 2 I am. Cause I was up later. Day 3 I'll be fine because I was tired the previous day and crashed early. I am up for 17 hours cause I am not tired. Then I only get 7 hours of sleep so I am tired on day 2. I stay up for only 16 hours, then get my required 8 hours sleep. And I'm fine. Rather than a 16 hours on, 8 off, I am programmed for 17 on, 8 off. Which seems positive until you try to keep it synchronized with a 24 hour day. And results in me being tired every other day.

Just a working theory.


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