King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


One thing that ticks me off about my age is that my memory is not anywhere nearly as hot as it used to be. I am plagued by instances where vague recollections of people in my past flit through my conscious. Yet I am unable to dislodge these memories from the crevices where they hibernate.

For instance, this morning I have thought quickly about two women I flirted with in online chat rooms years ago. One went by something like JenniferJuniper. Another was a girl who's name I cannot recall in any fashion, yet I remember she lived in Maryland, was moving to Alaska, and traveled on the cheap to Europe all the time via IcelandAir. She wanted me to move to Alaska with her or something. I actually talked on the phone with her once, but I believed then, as now, that is not a lot to base a relationship on. And certainly not enough to move to Alaska.

I wonder what became of them. And I wonder if I'll ever remember enough about them to be able to find out.


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