King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Businesses that lose your business

Current threads of the week on the crack bored are all about businesses that lose people's businesses. People putting up tales of woe about how they've been mistreated. Sad to say I actually posted in that thread, though not as a tale of woe and how I done been treated wrong.

Fucking bunch of whiners. (And now I whine about the whiners, isn't that special?) Christ almighty people. If so many businesses treat you like crap, perhaps it's not the businesses, but instead it's you. Sure, there are times when a place does something wrong.

You know why I think it is? Some people are inherently difficult, and people's response to difficult people is to get more difficult themselves. I'm not difficult. So it's rare that businesses treat me like crap. And I don't often get people who are rude to me. It's happened only once, and that was with Washington Mutual and the proximate cause of the problem wasn't the people, but poor customer tracking and record-keeping systems. And the people on the phone only got rude with me when I started yelling at them over the phone in frustration.

Generally, I'm not difficult though. I tend to get treated very nicely. Alaska Airlines delivered my luggage to me when their policy said they didn't need to. Ticketmaster replaced my stolen R.E.M. general admission tickets for only a nominal $5 fee when I would have been happy paying for the tickets again, they were just sold out. I get good service generally.

I don't think it's completely random that I do.

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