King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Pleasant night

Last night was actually a pleasant night out. I hardly cured my depression, and I didn't really go home feeling any less anti-social than I did when I arrived. Danced some, in spite of my knee killing me. Flirted some, though I didn't ask anyone but the cabbie to go home. I should have asked someone for her phone number. I got the overwhelming feeling when I said good night to her that I should kiss her, cause she'd like it and I would. But I chickened out. I almost always chicken out, even when I'm not feeling depressed. Girls scare me. Making moves scares me. It's a wonder I date at all. Anyway, I'll have to go about getting her phone number the hard way now, emailing whatever address I can find for her. That's kind of dicey though. Or at least my recent experience says it's dicey. Some people you call and send email and you get no response. Maybe it's a blow-off or maybe it's someone else just shy and scared to respond. It works out the same in the end though. I do not chase someone who doesn't want to be chased. It may have worked for Luke chasing Leeny when she wasn't so keen on the idea for whatever reason. But that boy has a lot more energy than I do.

Short notes. Sunny, you looked fabu. Angie, you looked quite spiffy as well, though I don't know about those boots. You got nice legs though. Thanks for the ride, Jason. Leeny, it was nice talking with you. And Julie, I'm glad I could help by scaring away the creepy guy. And I wanted to chat with Duri as well, but you looked like you were in fuck the skull of the talking gods mode.


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