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Meme answers, no questions

  • It stands for great king rat which is a bastardization of King Rat. I've used a variation of King Rat online since 1989. I'll take King Rat when I can get it and pick something else related when I can't. The name comes from the book by James Clavell. Read it. The China Mieville book is excellent, but not a classic. Great King Rat bastardization was taken from the Queen song. Queen is one of my two favorite bands.
  • Those of you I've known the longest: mrsloane (1975), but I don't know if he counts anymore since he's deleted the journal. dangergirljones I've known since she was born (1976?). I went to high school with spirochete (1984) but other than seeing him in the hallways I'm pretty sure I never talked to him. He was in the class ahead of me. So we won't count him for this. anonymos_bozo (1989 or 1990) I went to college with. For third place it's really a tie between randydid an rika_rayven. I met both of them when I moved to Boise in 1998. All of us were in the same circle of friends so I don't know which was first.
  • Yes. I dated insolent about 4 years ago. This is well known. There are two others in LJ land (of whom I know) with whom I've had sex. They aren't necessarily on my friends list though.
  • Oh, I guess I jumped the gun with this answer. No, not more than 5. Hell, I've only slept with 8 people stretching back a lot of years. Just going with percentages it would be hard to get more than 5 of them in LJ. 3 is pretty good for LJ, don't you think?
  • No significiant other. Taking applications.
  • I think two. sivet and elizabeth_eon. At one point I had empiress added as well. And martygreene too. But I never met any of them though I did see martygreene on the bus once and elizabeth_eon has seen me. She just hasn't ever introduced herself to me.
  • Both wingedelf and hyperborea were on my friends list before I met them. I knew who they were though. hyperborea added me and I didn't really know why so I spent a month or so trying to talk to her in person to know what was up. Rock stars though! Never talk to the little people.
  • Not really, as long as it's not some passive-aggressive way of punishing me. Course, on second thought, even that is pretty amusing so I guess not.
  • Not really feeling a connection to the person. I keep people on my list who've decided they no longer liked me and dropped me. I dropped coalblacksmith because I had no real connection and he started writing bad porn. Ewww. One person I dropped because she was crazy and vindictive nasty. Not to me or to any of my friends. But it just seemed safer. A few because of extreme inactivity. One because of excessive quizzes. I don't mind these memes, but I dislike the quizzes.
  • Personal information? Pretty much everything about me is in LJ. Even the romantic and sexual. I filter for various reasons. Once you are on my friends list though, you can see probably 95% of my entries. This is about the most personal LJ I've seen, though I don't spend much time reading those not on my friends list. Read all about my grief over Matt. Things I am learning on the job. Medical issues. Whatever.

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