King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Doug Broadbent

After seeing Paycheck which horribly bastardized yet another Philip K. Dick concept, I was waiting in the parking lobby at Pacific Place with euterpe35 when I heard Is that Phil Weiss? I turned around and it's a guy I knew in Pullman, who I haven't seen since 1994. Doug Broadbent. Good thing he recognized me, cause I wouldn't have recognized him. Kind of cool.

Gave him my phone number and email address. Hope he actually uses it.

Also harkening back to that era, I got a Christmas card from Steve Trundy today. And he's getting married in April. Congratulations Steve, if you are reading this. Doesn't look like I'm getting invited to the wedding (very small), but that's probably a good thing as I'd likely try to run off with the bridesmaids.

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