King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Pie night™

Pie night went off incredibly well. Attendees were liberpolly (the first to show), my brother Joe, butterflake, mrsloane, corvuscrx, domestinatrix, greenwood, aaminahlefae, ddigg, cagekitten, cagekitten's friend who probably has LJ but I'm not sure transcendence1, evillinn, ravenmimura, oracle2c, Lee, calimbrium, calimbrium's mom, and vulture23.

I'm glad all of you came. Christmas is hard on me. Family to-dos (which I am heading out in a couple of hours for one) are even harder. But having friends over gives me a connection to the universe that I lose around Christmas, and that I don't seem to get from family.


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