King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Waiting by the phone

It's not just girls that do this. Men do too. I flirted and chatted with a woman I like on Saturday, asked for her phone number in the process. Called Sunday. Nope, not a guy who believes in waiting 2 days, or feigning disinterest. Got voice mail. Waited for a call back. Waited. Waited. Impatient (after a few hours) I dug up an email address I thought was correct and emailed as well. No response all day.

So pretty much every hour I wasn't at the computer, I walked back in here to check email. No response and no phone call. Was pretty sure I wasn't getting blown off. But still…

Wasn't going to call or email, mostly because it's easy to cross the line from eager to creepy. I've had that happen to me. I get home from somewhere only to have 5 email messages Why haven't you returned my email??! and a couple of phone messages noting that the end of someone's world is nigh upon them ere I return their call. Patience, my mind counselled. She's forgotten about you and just playing with you, my self-esteem counsels.

In the end, no return email message. I had the wrong account. Possibly had the wrong phone number as well. Getting a phone number in a bar known for its strong drinks has many perils.

How the story ends, I'm not going to reveal. That would obscure the lesson that I lived. No phone call and no email, and I still didn't die.


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