King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

There are 11 people who have added me as an LJ friend who I had no idea who they were. I'm not talking about someone adding me and not making the connection to the actual person. As in, people who've added me through connections to friends or common interests or such, but I haven't the foggiest who the person is.

Some of them have turned out to be sea-goths on the quiet side, and I eventually figure out their connection to me. martygreene was one of those. Others are local club-goers and I do eventually meet up with them (coalblacksmith or hyperborea for example). Some are seemingly random (sivet) but turned out to be based on a mutual interest. And I have a couple that are writing in a foreign language so I am even more clueless (martieu, htl).

Two of these folks I've eventually added back (sivet, and hyperborea). A couple I added but later removed them as I just felt no connection (martygreene, coalblacksmith). Some have gone away on their own (curlybear, ladymeag). But I still have a bunch connected to me. If you are one of these people, who are you? And more importantly, why are you watching me? I'm not begrudging you the ability to read my journal. Go right ahead. Don't tell me if you don't want to. But it's like the song whose name you can't remember, but it wracks your brain cause you don't like to have that hole in knowledge.

hisbeauty, htl, martieu, onyxangel, velvetkittie, introduce yourself to me, online or in person. Save my peace of mind!

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