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My body

Another of the Three Things spin-offs.

A lot of women have body issues. Surprisingly enough, a large number of guys do too. I've often heard that dismissed by some women that our body issues aren't comparable. Sorry, but they are. Not the same issues, but they can get to us just as much.

Jason and I visited Salt Lake in May, where I met victorianrose23. First thing upon meeting her she said (paraphrasing) Beth was right, you are a handsome man! Aside from the nice ego boost, I was totally shocked. Because I don't see myself as handome. It took me until I was 30 or so to believe I was average. I know, deep down now, that I am not ugly. But I carried the ugly, plain, and boring label inside myself for years. No one will be interested in me because I am not attractive.

On occasion now, I even think I am good looking, at least to certain people. I no longer think they are just trying to make me feel better. Some people might find me attractive. But I still think I'm average.

Here are the things I have serious issues with about my body (not limited to 3).

  1. Losing my hair. Receding hairline. Thinning in back. I don't mind losing it so much. What I worry about is that I have the wrong hairstyle for a balding man. That I am looked at like men with comb-overs are viewed.
  2. My chin. I hate how I look in profile.
  3. Gut. I wish I was in better shape.
  4. Skin tone. Blotchy pale white skin. Oh how I wish I could get a little bit of a tan.
  5. Fat head. Self-explanatory.
  6. Thin upper lip.

On the other hand, I do have some nice features too.

  1. Very blue eyes. Look into them.
  2. Nice legs (other than being a bit bow-legged.
  3. Soft hands. No callouses.
  4. Ringlets in my hair, although less as I lose more of it.
  5. Nice feet. Probably only the foot fetishists will care though.

In particular, my hair and chin really bother me a lot. No matter how much you tell me that myhair looks fine, I'm just not going to believe you. So just don't. I'll shut up quicker if you just let me say fret about my bald spot a bit and you don't say anything. Just like telling a girl No, you aren't fat just because you are 5 pounds overweight doesn't really get through, neither does telling me.


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