King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Administrivia: Instant messaging

I've recently created accounts for instant messaging on Yahoo and AIM, and reactivated my old ICQ UIN. I've been using MSN Messenger exclusively for a while, but I need more distractions and some people only have accounts on AIM (or Yahoo, or ICQ). Anyway, I am now djkingrat23 on both Yahoo and AIM, and 5910215 on ICQ. My MSN Messenger email address is my work email address. I may change the address used so I can give it out more freely.

Feel free to deposit your account names here if you want me to add you. Poll is set so only I can view the results. Your stalkers won't get the information from this poll.

Poll #217080 Your instant messaging

MSN Messenger address

AIM screen name

Yahoo profile name

ICQ user id number (UIN)


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