King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Hypocritical I.O.C.

Kim Clijsters won't play in the Olympics.

The most commercial non-profit organization in the world is criticizing Kim Clijsters for not having patriotic pride, as if patriotism should be paramount. Never mind that the IOC and the Belgian Olympic Committee are no paragons of altruism. They are simply making a grab for money much like Clijsters is. Please. Get off your damn high horses.

I kind of lament the days when the Olympics were amateur. Of course, the I.O.C. was merely using them to make money then, which I also don't like. There's not going back to that, because countries will find ways around it for national glory. Still it would be nice to seea contest between the best athletes in the world unmarred by absences due to feuding and disputes.

I'd also like to see the banning of the term Olympic movement and see it especially applied to the I.O.C.


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